Meet the parents


Ethan is a white, masculine, queer, visibly able, 30-something step-parent. He volunteers with a needle exchange/shot support organization, escorts for a local abortion clinic, and plays drums.


As a stay at home parent, Levi has a lot of funny ideas about parenting. He has one small child, hopes to adopt more in the future, and is also the full-time caregiver to his live-in disabled sister. With his copious spare time, he writes, makes pretty things out of dead trees, and volunteers with a local lgbtq youth theater project. He has a bachelors in Gender and Sexuality, and has volunteered with food cooperatives, NARAL-Minnesota, and with laboring mothers. He is white, trans, queer, visibly able, and fat.


Dylan is a Midwesterner at heart, having lived in five different Midwestern states over the course of his life. In addition to blogging here, he has a monthly post over at He studied Sociology and Women and Gender Studies at Luther College and went on to earn a Master’s in Public Policy from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota. Dylan will happily wonk out about social policy and health equity, especially for queer folks, if you give him the opportunity. He works for an LGBTQ health equity organization and volunteers at the Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition’s Shot Clinic. Dylan values chosen families, growing food, books, bicycling infrastructure, and collective solutions to community problems. He and his partner have a young kid and hope to have another in the future. 


Sumner is a Midwestern transplant living in Washington, DC who has worked in the labor movement for the past five years. In her free time, Sumner blogs about gender at, writes music, and plays in a band. She also plays ice hockey and is hopelessly obsessed with women’s professional soccer. Sumner and her partner welcomed their first child in 2014. As a parent, Sumner has chosen to go by the moniker “Papa.” Sumner is white, genderqueer, and visibly able.

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